Thursday, February 27, 2020

Health CAre Financing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Health CAre Financing - Assignment Example Patients from less well-off families lack insurance to cover their medical care, they are faced with the challenge of unaffordability or unwillingness of physicians to offer health services. Transport services hinder access to care especially in situations where ambulances are unavailable for patients who may be severely injured. Quality of care focuses on the health service provider, how patient’s inability to pay for the service affect the overall delivery of quality service. Unpaid expenses and fees may ground efforts to offer service thus limit access to care. Equity of access shows whether there is any systematic variations in the use and outcome among individuals and groups in the community and if those variations are due to financial or other barriers to care (Gulliford & Morgan, 2013). Equity of access is commonly measured by utilization of indicators i.e. looking at the frequency of visits by the patient to a health center. The survey attempts to study the nature of access and the components of utilization (Aday et al., 1980 in Access to Health Care in America, 1993). Outcome indicators i.e. utilization rates are also used to measure access through; survival rate, physical and emotional health (Lohr, 1988 in Access to Health care in America, 1993). Outcome indicators such as mortality rates, ailments that require overnight stay highlights the barriers hindering access to care. Structural barriers, these are hindrances related to place, mode of operation of medical service providers. Individual and cultural barriers impede individuals who need health services, but be recommended as post treatment. Financial barriers, limit patients ability to pay for the health services or doctors from offering services with limited

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